Practice much?

F***ing awesome guitar playing man!!!

Practice Much?

Whoa, now that’s classical music

Really cute “In the Jungle” Song!!


12 Replies to “Practice much?”

  1. hey…you sitting and watching videos all day now?

    hey you like audioslave right? check out shinedown too…theyre a great band…burning brightly and 45. But then again…you could already have known them…

  2. Whoa whoa whoa… Dude, ya gotta carry ur music along :P!! Hehehe, will search ’em out dude. Will let ya know if I do find them as well.. Try!! They feature songs based on the Music Genome Project. So good listening and reading as well sometimes :P!

  3. I listened to that First vid on friday … it just noise man trust me .. Its called shredding all he doing is playing a bunch of scales over and over again on different parts of the guitar. he good at playing it fast thats all.

    I love pandora though I wish I could select the songs that I wanted to listen too

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