Product Visionary vs. Product Leader | Casey Accidental

What does a product leader do at a tech company? It’s actually very little of creating a vision and a strategy from scratch. It’s about helping everyone understand what the vision and strategy is. It’s about communicating to the entire team why the company is doing what it is doing. It’s about building a process that helps a team execute on that vision. It’s about when there are competing visions, aligning and motivating the team to focus on one, and getting people to disagree and commit (including sometimes yourself). It’s about looking at data to measure if product changes are having a positive impact on the customer and the company’s growth. It’s about talking to users to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and the problems they still face even though your product exists. It’s about mentoring more junior people on your team, across product as well as engineering, design, and analytics. And they don’t have to listen to you, so you have to use influence rather than authority to be successful.

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Seattle has a very busy sky given 3 airports near the city. And where I live is on the approach path for 2 of the larger airports.


My sister and I used to be huge fans of Shazam! growing up. If not for Guardians of the Galaxy and now Thor taking this “I’m so cool and nonchalant” approach, this would be the right movie to start that.