This is America

And why is Congress taking the step? Because companies like Intuit,  the company behind TurboTax,  and H&R Block have been lobbying lawmakers for years to take the step.

In other countries, the agencies in charge of taxes have their own programs which make filing taxes more efficient — and free — for citizens. But that would eat into the profits for the tax prep industry, which was estimated to pull in $11 billion in 2018.

$11B can definitely buy you some influence in Washington. That said, what’s particularly interesting is that it’s a bipartisan initiative. I’d imagine that at least the Democrats would have wanted people to file their taxes easier as they’d need that to fund some of their future projects.

Good Guy Microsoft

For instance, the FCC report suggests that broadband, as it is currently defined, is not currently available to around 25 million people. Sounds reasonable. But Microsoft’s data says that some 163 million people “do not use the internet at broadband speeds.”

So, this is inference by proxy and not a direct measurement. Why am I positive that the clown at the top of FCC is going to use that same argument?

The full report from Microsoft is here

Tata Harrier

The name is fascinating. Cars are rarely named after birds, with this and Swift being an exception. Also interesting, it’s named after a popular British fighter jet.

Maybe it’s an allusion to the fact that Tata now owns two British pedigree names – Land Rover and Jaguar. However, the design of the Harrier is certainly something eye catching and I’d love to learn its origin. If anyone has the right links, ping me.

Tata Harrier Images
Tata Harrier