Sonorous musings…

This is the page that I am dedicating to release my writings, essentially ramblings and rantings about life in general. As a start I think I will start with all the poems that I have written so far!


Sitting beside the bubbly river,
It was cold and I began to shiver.
Opened a bottle of some cheap red wine
And took a swig, although I knew it was bad for my liver.

I was not sober, and was laying beside some gobar
Oh look at the cloudy moon,
I say it looks like a buffoon

————————-[Don't remember]
There seemed to be a red pall over my eyes,
As if the red wine was washing all my vice

I thought I grew claws, and I began to stutter
And then I thought, maybe I forgot to use the nail cutter
Why was all this happening, the wine?
If it was, then I'd kill that shopkeeper – that bloody swine

Of look at the cloudy moon,
Yeah, it still looks like a buffoon

Why do we take alcohol, its effects are weird
I know why, our senses they are cheered
There is another advantage, the alcoholics they are feared
Coz they end up sporting, a near weird beard

Oh Look at the cloudy moon!
Whoa!, it does not look like a buffoon

The effects of alcohol was taking its toll
Without moving, I took a stroll
My friend asks me, what is up w/ me and alcohol
I walked zigzag and I took a fall

This, reminds of Black and White
A game, in which your ape can fight
And then there is RTCW, in which Anoop
Gets so scared, he forgets how to poop

I came back from the drunken trip
I woke up and I heard something rip
I tried to wake up with a flip
Ended up at the hospital on a drip

Damn you, Cloudy Moon
Why do I have to end this poem so soon


Ramblings of an Eccentric soul
So tired of this strife
That we call life
An aged shadow
We call a soul alongside

Caught in a myriad of blazing past
And a flash takes you into a new vast
Run Amok, you don't give a fuck
Searching for a new place where you hafta park

A forward takes you a step back in time
Yet, a gamble, a flip of a dime
As you think of your time in this body, your life a solitary mime
And around you plays songs of a deadly rhyme

Your past period flashes in front of you
In itz blaze shows ur life in its prime
And as u spent absorbing any aberration
Not givin thot, w/o any cognition

A notion is dancing all around me
As if trying to prewarn me
Of another lot that its found
Revving along the vast with a noiseless sound

And then I see it
As I encounter a fit
The space waiting for me
To dock and unlock, my body the key


Often she passes through my gaze,
And often I dream of her face,
Coz I see it clearly even in haze,
In this life of mine, a Formula 1 Race.

The way she moves, full of grace,
The spirit in her, her dress of lace,
Amazing thoughts her face it says,
And vivid emotions that she portrays.

To see her, I wait a long time,
And while I wait, I play with a dime,
But still I think, would be a crime?
That I just sit and think, and act like a mime!

Someday soon, I will tell her this
That she makes my life, with her very existence – a bliss
And maybe I get lucky and I get a kiss
And with these ramblings, I dismiss


And still I feel that I can't move on
From the sadness that I feel must be overgrown
To be in a time, a place, a dimension that is nothing but a farce
To be made a clown, be part of the show as a mime
My face is clear but not yet drawn
Coz, in life, they say, you gotta make your place
In amazing pace, through curts and praise
Might be that u can just reach the moon
But to the Sun is where ur target should raise!
A silent weep, A lulling sleep
Yet None a sign of the meek.


Brutal Time
Moves in meanders, time, I think
And chains us through life, link through link
Maybe one or two broken, and it does try to often
The strain, on the weak leads them to the brink
Brutal though it might be, time doesn't look for the armor, but the chink


Bored, rite now I am, am I?
So stuffed, still dreaming about a veg pie!
This is random, or is it?
Making stuff up is a talent, it’s implicit!
So, I read an article on Ciggies
And about a guy ranting about the big wiggies!
So what, who cares, I am me
For all I care, let the world be razed by a tsunami!!
Random thoughts, are they meaningless?
Coz the fact is they pop in when u are jobless…
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
I am indeed waiting for the dawn.
Tired of seeing people live life as a pawn,
Coz, thankfully I am full of brain, and of course, some brawn!!
My o my, this is indeed not making any sense,
But the truth is its like a puzzle without the proper lens.
Coz, there indeed is something hidden
Something deep beneath, biding its time for now to rear its head, its forbidden…
Big deal, so what? F*** that
You are looking like a lab rat
Hey, two new kittens in the house born of a cat
They are cute, and hopefully don't come near me feet, else they are gonna be a door mat.
Not saying that I am heavy, no way
Coz daily to lose a kilo [no, not AIDS] is what i pray
U know the sound a donkey produces is a bray
Hehe, this is French – Mon Freui [sounds Maun Frey]


Thinking back, four years down the lane,
Gone by so fast, now a glimpse of life through a window pane
A lot of ups, a few downs,
Have had an amazing number of smiles, and of course a few frowns
Twas fraught with friends, foes [aka teachers] and events
Que sara – Thatz the way it is, ain't it? Mom had warned me that these years will pass real fast
She was right, but she forgot to say that memories forever last


Batch of 2005
62 they were, filled with the natural variety that u normally see
Yet, each one of them special, taking life together in pain and glee
Went through VC, they did together, and they took on Subbu as well
And the teachers they took on, they kept claiming their class was hell
But little did they know that they were in heaven
And the bearded history they have will forever remain unshaven
I am proud to say that I am from batch of 2005
Yeah people, Batch of 2005, they set the whole SCT alive
They hosted the biggest show in TVM
And set standards to everyone, they showed people how to do 'em


[ inspired by ]
Glittering, shimmering were the pieces
And the passers by breathed "Oh Jesus"
Surrounding her was her skirt, with blood-stained creases

Slowly, slightly into well worn grooves
Surviving, striving hard, life moves
Moves past her, past the bright change that was strewn loose

A stream through the thick
A pall that shades over everything, a sudden flick
When the angel was swept away by a demonic lick

Struggling as we are unable
To overcome her same fate, her line finally stable
Life's precious, and it can flip, it's breakable



People say that we are born to win,
Engulfed in this concept, we often mess up and commit sin.
Indeed I question, is winning so important?
To cite words and act some we never meant!

Hoard money, we never send
To loved ones on whom, love we ne’er spend
We strive hard to win,
Win we might, yet change our life from a success it has been

Never a kind word, never a smile,
We harness deceit and guile
To hold the medal of victory
Never realising ours are but acts of misery.

Struggle we do, to grab the cup
Not at any point realising
What, in our race to the top
We have given up!

Erratic Slapdash
Everyday I wake up and I smile
And on the bed I lay still a while
Although I know that work is prolly just a mile
I still savor that moment, even though I know it’s all a guile

Somedays I beat the sun to it
And sometimes the sun makes me sit
With its rays it gives me a hit
Boy o boy, sometimes the sun sure can be a git.

I jump up and sometimes decide to jog
In the bright sun, and at times in thick fog
And at times I just stretch and jump back in bed
Coz my legs they feel heavier than bags of lead.

But everyday a bath I do take
And without it a day I can’t make
Maybe in my bathroom, maybe in a lake
This bath of mine, I never do fake [;-)]

You can dance and you can jig
You can prance after a swig
A ballet with a few pegs in
Turns into a mallet once you drive and commit the sin.

Many a thoughts cross my mind
Some are prolly crap from the hind
But this is what makes a human bind
Emotions – from an animal blind

I laughed when a foot ball hit my friend in the groin
Even Homer laughed at it, he made a drawing

I can type amazing stuff
Things fly outta my mind, in a huff and a puff
Rarely they make sense, they are rough
But tell you what I am a blog buff [oon]

The saviors of the world are clowns
Who bring laughter in an otherwise globe of frowns
Alas, they rarely attract the girls with pretty gowns
Does it ever give them the downs?

Alone and sad
To be lone and quiet
Taking life a wee bit, a tad

Tears swell in my eyes
Fear, I deny with my sighs
But hurt inside it lies!

I know I’ll come off it
All I need is a place to sit
No, I don’t wanna be a misfit.

So, I’ll just hold it inside
And with time, the pains’ll subside
A lesson I learnt, a guide.

Time is the healer I hear
It’s more a sealer I fear
I wish He was near!

Uncle Uncle…..
The day that I dreaded
When my sentiments get treaded
Arrived…. and with it, the child in me was shredded!

“Uncle”, they called me,
Unleash it did, a torture of massive degree
Destroyed it did, me the childlike epitome!

Do I look that old?
Do I have wrinkles many fold?
Or was it that they were bold, rather just plain cold?

Should I start applying anti-aging cream?
Can I still continue to dream?
Somebody blind me, I feel I’m in front of a hi-intensity beam.

I’m more than depressed
I feel tortured and undressed
I should probably just rest in my bed!

Help me here,
My friends near and dear
This is something I dread and fear!!

Hosur Road
A glistening sea of red lights
Ya can hear chatter, pitter patter
An ocean of honking mights

To get over boredom, some carry books,
Some take a few bites
And to cure himself, this humble guy recites!

Verses – terse, sometimes curses,
He ponders over temples and churches
At time of vehicles that move like a gentle caress.

Of bumps, of chums
Who inch through the road
In spite of their heavy laden purses

Still at large is silk board,
And still lie in this bus, people bored.
‘Tis the story of mankind, bound by a ragged cord,
Not of the Lord, but the Lengendary Hosur Road!

Eventually, the pieces fall into places
The puzzle forms a whole, yet not without traces.
I wanted to take the straight path
But made me run, she did, through a myriad of winding mazes.

All I did, wrong maybe, was to love her,
Times misspent gaping and gazing over and over
Maybe I wanted s’thing more than threadbare
Still, my expectations, I rarely made ‘em lower!

The news still came no surprise
Something I subconsciously had surmised
Yet, create it did, a deep gash inside
N’ever, I dreamt that I would be by her, beside.

Still, why the game I now wonder,
Yes, I worry now of this blunder
I would have given up my life
Yet, enjoy she did, my surrender!

I took refuge, and took my shots
Calm, with splendor
And as the night washed away
I wished her the best, my pretty bartender!!

Ze Ring Road Sadistic
Travelling on ze ring road,
I hear a frog, or is that a toad?
For all I care, it’s a princess,
As I can’t see through my pince nez!

So, while it might be an opportunity for the optimistic
I cater to my needs of a sadistic
So, I run over it and crush it to death
And cackle in glee like lady macbeth

Felt crying at my misfortune
I Never had “others”, making everyone my own.
Shared the loneliness of my friends
Yet, found myself at every corner alone.
Friends, they left me long ago
And today, love laid a loss.
If this is a dream, then I await for my eyes to open
And if reality this is, then wait I will for my eyes to close!

The Hangover Gloom!
A peg here, A peg there,
A peg a time anywhere.
Gives you anytime a surreal high,
And s’times, at end you wanna fly!

And morning comes, after a g’night’s sleep
As usual, from your bed, you try to leap!
Your body, however decides to not,
And tumbling down, you fall from the cot.

Your head feels heavy all day long,
And throbs as if it’s a thrashed out gong.
Your brain – it’s at rest, and you smile at best,
All day long, you just wanna cuddle up in your nest!

The effects of alcohol, they’re awesome!
I mean, it’s like springtime in full blossom!
Hangovers, they are another thing,
It’s like bein in winter, without wearing anything!

So, today, I vow never to drink again!!
And take my precious body through the pain [ -D ]
But got two Bacardi’s in my room
Maybe I’ll take a swig for this hangover gloom!!

The Pee Poem
In the middle of the night
I searched in vain for a light
To reach the end of the room
And in the middle I tumbled on the broom!

The end was much in need
In this case, I just had to succeed
For if not, and I am late
It would be a smelly mess in the room m8!

Yes, I had to pee
And no, I couldn’t be carefree
I had to get there
And hope that this is just a nightmare!

I reached the switch
And almost gave it a tug without a glitch
When I realised that it came off
Not the pee ya perv, but the sleep that I talked of! -D !

A Story
This is my story
A silent life..
Silence it asks me
Why are you suffering this strife?

The tale of my life is a song
Through the verses of loneliness
Every wound of mine opens along
And whispers to me of this mess!

Yes, this is my story –
Of a sign not understood
Of a pain that flows.
And it whispers to me of vice, not of holy!

Helpless, I strive to reach the destination
Spending everyday in the shadow of death.
Sorrow and pain taunt me everyday at rest
Alone, every night I lull me to imagination!

Noone, no one is either close or far
My only friend is the rhythm that my heart plays at par.
Yes, Life is one that’s lived every letter
To which dreams are the vowels sewn together!

I have none near to me in the darkness of night
And, I feel, in the play of light
Lies the secret, to live life.

A wilderness of dreams is this life
Filled with prickly thorns is this life

Amongst these pricking thorns of my memory
I choose
And amongst these falling walls
I live….

Tried to write something bright and funny
Of a duck that gets bitten
Or a carrot eating bunny!

Came out a sad story
Of a tired young man
And his life, bloody and gory!

So, I set out to write another one
Of the birds tweeting
Of days in the bright sun!

Searched for an inspiration?
Came up with beer –
Barley water with some aeration!

Think about it and life’s cool
It’s warm and fuzzy
Like soaking in the sun after a dip in the pool!

So what is the poem about?
I dunno yet but will try
Will get there even after building a clout!

Bah humbug that’s it!
I can’t rhyme any more today!
I’d rather be a git!

But yippee, leaving today I am
To a sunny place
So I bid adieu’ Sirs and Ma’am!!

Happy Women's Day
There are times when we watch the game,
And ignore when you pout the blame!
There are times when we don’t help out
And wonder about life with you without!
There are times when we don’t listen to you
Make rooms a mess and bid adieu!

There are times when we feel loved
And long for your arms with our heads bowed!
There are times when we feel cared
And thank the moment we dared!
There are times when we just want you to talk
Although we may just gawk!
There are times when we just gaze
And find you the most beautiful things in haze!

For the wonderful people that you are
For the love that you give us
For your companionship we pray
And today we all say

Happy Women’s day!!

A Walk!
Along the dusty path
She goes in and out
A bag, her only jewellery
The usual beat

About a mile, she does
With the Sun, the bag grows with loose change
With the houses, the sweets are sold off
She’s chatting all awhile!

Some – to the poor and needy
Some – to the boys and girls
Is her soul
A life of service
Warm sweets
Not just a way to fill her pocket
But to clog a hole

Then she walks
To her house
Another mile passes by
With no people to talk

All of a sudden
With all the burden
A step
She misses and takes a fall

Empty, the feeling
No one to take care of this being
Took as I did
A step to help her
She picked up herself and took another step!

Continued the retinue
She, the bag
And some animal friends
Sensing some food
Adorning the bag now placed on her head

That creased her forehead
Ceasing to exist as she flashed
A brilliant smile
Full of love and warmth!

Kill 'em Roaches
Tiny antennae coming outta his skull
He passes here and there, without a mull
Never for a moment is he dull
He can be found anywhere, even in a hull

Kill ‘em all i say
To decimate this scum of the earth, everyday I pray
Survives even a nuclear blast
The only thing surviving the atom bomb, the last

Takes a bite of everything
Your food, your tooth brush, your shoe, anything
And after a bite, leaves a hole
Makes me wanna squish him with a pole!

His brown wings are so ugly
Thank God he wasn’t featured with Mougli
He made me stop eating dates
For every palm seed looks like one of these mates!

Crazy roach
Was featured in a movie that was gross
Kill ‘em all I say, quoting “Hetfield”
Take ‘em down the drain and drown ‘em, I’ll lead!

The only way to kill him is to use “Hit”(c)
But beware, he’ll melt out every bit
You could also try “laxman rekha”
To remove ‘em all outta your Sony Wega

But, alas no one cares
For they are busy watching ugly hares
So, I will be busy killing these guys in pairs
And pass ‘em over to the Fear Factor dares!

Hide and Seek!
Enough of this hide and seek
Why don’t you come and gimme just a peek
I have searched for you in every other
And, tired is your mother!

Comon, the dusk is dawning
And I am worried about you
Son,you are giving me a fright
It’s fading my sight
So, why don’t you please come back!!

What will I say mother
Where I am
Here, for flying
Is the whole wide open sky
Here, like your cozy lap
Is a world of warmth
Where my kite of dreams
Is fluttering without a worry
Of someone stealing it,breaking the bow
Or cutting the string in the middle

Comon, the dusk is dawning
And I am worried about you
Son,you are giving me a fright
It’s fading my sight
So, why don’t you please come back!!

Without your eyes of guidance
I wonder how I’ll traverse the path of life…
Without your eyes of guidance,
I wonder how I’ll traverse the path of life…

Slowly in the yard
Darkness is encroaching
I am searching for my lamp.
The setting sun
Is signalling
Moon, where are you?
My moon, where are you?

Enough of this hide and seek
Why don’t you come and gimme just a peek
I have searched for you in every other
And, tired is your mother!

Comon, the dusk is dawning
And I am worried about you
Son,you are giving me a fright
It’s fading my sight
So, why don’t you please come back!!

O mother,
How will I describe what is here?
From my fountain sprouts crystal clear water
Which, I just broke and took a drink
All my aspirations
I just jumped and reached
Shadow laden warmth is spread
All around, new life forms here tread
Everything that I wished for is here
But without you my mother, near
I still feel alone and lonely…

The Final Scream
Were the flames to watch
From where he lay.
Slow, unsure
His movements.
Were the flames almost jolly and gay. Aloud, his mind thought
I have to get out of this
Yet, mute his actions were.
As each flash and hiss
Let a raw surge of pain through his nerves
Numbing his flesh Now, bare. Adrift Aside Aloft Abide.
Along the sides, abrupt they died.
Chopping the wooden sticks
An axe added an extra inch.
Get out now, his mind cried! Not too much more of this
His body could take
But, to jump out of the flame
And back to the fallacy
The decision was hard to make.
The only emotion
He felt for real
Was the pain. Realising it
He lay there.
A scene surreal
He knew
There was something to gain.
A life of lies
A pall of cries
Was all he could ever dream
He proceeded a smile
For once, without any guile As he let out his final scream!


8 Replies to “Sonorous musings…”

  1. W O W !!!!! Man, ur a born poet!! U speak poems… Even the silliest of thoughts from ur head is a melody captured! jus WOW!! There r too many good poems put together here…. Its tooo good… jus W O W!!

  2. hahaha u guys r so sweet, inspires me to find a guy soon. πŸ˜‰ N its so hard to believe geeks can b so poetic… anyways, if Ms. Imperfect is correct, then ur doin a gr8 job pretending.

  3. @ all4love: Thanks again, you are showering me with compliments :-P!! [not that I don’t mind ’em one itty bitty bit] :-P!!

    @ MsImperfect: Did u hear that? Did u hear that?? If you didn’t get it – we inspired her to find a guy!! Whoa :O *now just a shocked look*… We are a couple!! Ok…. πŸ˜› Love ya baby!!

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