Apple gets a taste of the billion actives

So it’s very likely that the total Apple user base is between 900 and 1 billion. If it’s not 1 billion now then it’s very likely it will be 1 billion within 12 months.

Write Horace Dediu

This is a big milestone. You can technically understand why iMessage doesn’t need to come to Android. It’s Apple’s apple only social network and has a base of 1B potentials.

What are the other potential implications?


On the Apple supply chain news

AMS AG, an Austria-based maker of light sensors for smartphones, became at least the fourth key supplier to the U.S. company this week to reduce revenue estimates for the current quarter. The spate of warnings, coupled with underwhelming earnings from main iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., underscore concerns about weak demand for Apple’s bread-and-butter device.

Writes Mark Gurman on Bloomberg

Why isn’t anyone speculating that Apple might be building the faceID technology in house? It seems like something they’d like to own and secure, given their track record. 

So, my wild prediction — Apple cut down its components from suppliers because it’s likely building similar technology on its own.



How did Pence attend this meeting without his wife in tow? :O 

Pot calling kettle – white?

Vice President Mike Pence had strong words for Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi at a regional summit being held in Singapore, calling out her country’s brutal military campaign against minority Rohingya Muslims and the imprisonment of two prominent journalists.

Emily Sullivan reports for NPR


Go edition as the default…

Android Messages App for Android (Go edition) is now ~50 percent smaller in size and the Phone App includes caller ID and spam detection.


Whenever I read that Go edition / Lite edition apps are so much smaller and faster and data friendly, I always wonder — why is that not the default for everyone? Wouldn’t everyone stand to benefit from removing bloat?


Product Visionary vs. Product Leader | Casey Accidental

What does a product leader do at a tech company? It’s actually very little of creating a vision and a strategy from scratch. It’s about helping everyone understand what the vision and strategy is. It’s about communicating to the entire team why the company is doing what it is doing. It’s about building a process that helps a team execute on that vision. It’s about when there are competing visions, aligning and motivating the team to focus on one, and getting people to disagree and commit (including sometimes yourself). It’s about looking at data to measure if product changes are having a positive impact on the customer and the company’s growth. It’s about talking to users to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and the problems they still face even though your product exists. It’s about mentoring more junior people on your team, across product as well as engineering, design, and analytics. And they don’t have to listen to you, so you have to use influence rather than authority to be successful.

via Product Visionary vs. Product Leader | Casey Accidental